Azure Sitecore

Service Bus Explorer

Recently, I posted about Redis. This time it’s about Azure Service Bus. Also, the options for Azure Service Bus in the Azure Portal are improving, allowing you to do more and more.

But if you need to send, modify, or work with messages, maybe test your alerting process for the dead letter queue, this can be a great tool to achieve all this.

Take the connection string from the Azure Portal.*** service bus | Shared access policies (2024-05-24)

Connectivity can be achieved through the connection string, which provides the easiest and fastest access. However, this method requires that your client has access to the Service Bus.

Service Bus Explorer, Connect with Connection String 2024-05-24

Once connected, you will have a simple interface that shows the different queues. An Azure Service Bus is also used for Sitecore XP systems; however, it is not used for XM.

Service Bus Explorer, Overview 2024-05-24

You can send or receive messages.

Service Bus Explorer, Context menu on Queue 2024-05-24

Sending a message is easy and fast with the client, but be careful to respect the expected format or your message will soon land in the Dead Letter Queue (DLQ).

Service Bus Explorer, Inject / Add Message 2024-05-24

If you receive a message, you can choose to fully consume it or to peek at it. Peeking means taking a look without marking it as consumed.

Service Bus Explorer, Read or Peek Queue 2024-05-24

Messages in DLQ (Dead Letter Queue) can also be resubmitted or edited before being resubmitted.

Service Bus Explorer, Resubmit or Edit and Resubmit Message 2024-05-24

A best practice is to monitor for Dead Letter Queue (DLQ) messages. If a message is found in the DLQ, your Operations Team will need to review the message and address the underlying problem. The Service Bus Explorer can be a helpful and free tool for performing this task.

Also worth mentioning is that the options available natively in the Azure Portal are continually improving. It is currently in preview, but users have the ability to review messages directly within the portal.*** 2024-05-24

If you need a GUI client for the Service Bus, this might be an interesting option that can also be installed with Chocolatey.