Notepad++ remove empty lines

For Windows users, Notepad++ is still one of the most beloved and best text editors. Of course, Visual Studio Code and Notepad also have their place, but each has its benefits and downsides. While analyzing files or preparing text files, I recently came across the challenge of needing to remove a lot of empty lines in a text file. Lo and behold, Notepad++ can do this without any problems.

You find it here in Notepad++ Edit > Line Operations > Remove Empty Lines

(2024-04-10) Notepad++ v8.6.4 (64-bit) remove empty lines in txt file

Jira &Confluence Server redirect to Cloud

Atlassian did discontinue their server licensing on February 15th, 2024. After a lengthy migration project, the course of action has been decided and tested. It is now time to migrate to the Atlassian Cloud. Unfortunately, as of yet, a custom domain setup is not possible, so we will have to redirect old links to the new domains at Atlassian.


Cloud Egress Costs & DDoS

I recently came across an article online that detailed how, following a DDoS attack, the invoice from the cloud provider skyrocketed. It is crucial to monitor how a volumetric attack can impact your costs, particularly in terms of egress traffic or the resources needed from engineers to combat it. Implementing automated solutions such as rate limiting and traffic signals is highly recommended for a more efficient response. Remember to consider the cloud egress prices when devising your strategy.

Please also take into account auto-scaling limits, alerts. Also cost alerts, and spending limits should be in place.

Azure News

Azure shared dashboard not found, February 2024

Today, February 19, 2024, at 07:30 CET, I discovered that my shared dashboards are no longer working on the Microsoft Azure Portal. This issue was observed across multiple tenants and subscriptions. I do not yet know the root cause, but I suspect that it is an incident on Azure’s side.

Dashboard not found

Dashboard ” no longer exists. It was previously published to resource group ‘dashboards’ in subscription ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000’.*** (2024-02-19 11:00 CET)

Introduction of requirements for email senders

Google and Yahoo is pushing a timeline and a phased introduction of new requirements for email senders and especially bulk-email senders, which are set to begin in February 2024 and continue over the following months.


Exploring CVE with CVEMap Command Line Tool

CVEMap is a user-friendly, open-source command-line interface (CLI) tool engineered for seamless exploration of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Its purpose is to provide a smooth and intuitive platform for delving into vulnerability databases. However, the tool relies on a free cloud service.


Azure CLI, api-version is invalid

I supported with an issue involving the Azure CLI being called in an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

- task: AzureCLI@2
  displayName: Create Deployment Slot
    azureSubscription: "${{ variables.Azure_Subscription }}"
    scriptType: "bash"
    scriptLocation: "inlineScript"
    inlineScript: |
      az webapp deployment slot create 
        --name "${{ variables.Azure_WebAppName }}" 
        --resource-group "${{ variables.Azure_ResourceGroup }}" 
        --slot "${{ variables.Azure_DeploymentSlotName }}" 
        --configuration-source "${{ variables.Azure_WebAppName }}" 

It’s returning the error “InvalidApiVersionParameter” along with “The api-version ‘2023-01-01’ is invalid.”


Internet Archive the Wayback Machine

Today, the news broke that the Google search feature to view a cached version of a webpage will be retired and completely removed.

But the Internet Archive, with the Wayback Machine, has our back. The service is great and worth a try.


DNS CNAME & DNAME mappings

I came across the question of a DNAME record and whether it could be used to redirect a website. I was not aware of a DNAME record type in DNS so I went looking. It’s a mapping comparable to a CNAME but more broad.


Add Domain WHOIS on Ubuntu or Windows

How to Add Domain WHOIS to Your Windows or Linux Ubuntu System.