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I am a free customer of Freshping service. Since yesterday evening July 9th, 2024, my integration with using a webhook has stopped working, and I couldn’t find any way to fix it. My integration remains present, and the configuration appears to be correct. However, webhooks seem not to be sending out notifications. Due to the announced service change, I do not qualify for support anymore as a free user.

I checked and, which do not show any issues. Pushover is also working flawlessly when triggered from other means such as a powershell script. However, if I trigger a test message in Freshping, the message does not arrive. This leads me to believe that there may be an issue with Freshping itself. (2024-07-10 08:00)

Further debugging is possible, but it will require a tool to analyze Webhook requests.

Request Bin

To be extra sure, I went ahead and created a Request Bin. This is an endpoint you can send messages to, and once they arrive, you have the option to view them. This is perfect for debugging webhooks. I used for this purpose, as it is very quick to set up and use, even faster than creating my own endpoint.***/projects/***/***/inspect (2024-07-10 08:18)

Now I’ve created a copy of my integration, pointing it to the RequestBin endpoint and removing my API keys. (2024-07-10 08:21)

I receive a nice little confirmation that the message was sent. (2024-07-10 08:22)

But nothing is in my request bin.***/projects/***/***/inspect (2024-07-10 08:28)

Now, you could say this is also no proof that the request bin is working. But if I send a test message from my Pushover script with a PowerShell that was modified to send to the Request Bin, it works flawlessly.***/projects/***/***/inspect (2024-07-10 08:41)

So this proves to me that Freshping outgoing webhooks are currently not working as expected anymore.

I will update this blog post below here if I see any changes occur.

Update 2024-07-10 10:26

At 10:26, I saw it working again for me. Both requests were sent to Pushover and Request Bin again.***/projects/***/***/inspect (2024-07-10 10:33)

The official status page of Freshping does not acknowledge at July 10th, 2024 11:30 that any issue existed. However, the issue was also not registered from the beginning. (2024-07-10 10:35

I’m glad the issue could be fixed and this also in a timely manner. 👍

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