Security Tool for IP Address Insights, a handy online tool designed to instantly provide users with their public IP address and additional related information.

One of the cool features of this website is that they are actively involved in managing larger pages, collecting and analyzing IP data, and then compiling a list of malicious players on the web, which is available for free download.

Free Denylist (2024-04-30)

Blacklist IP Addresses Live Database

This list is available for free download and can be easily installed in various formats, making it a great offering.

Denylist of Aprli 30th 2024 contains verified BingBot

This means the blocklist might directly interfere with your indexing and visibility on This also allows me to question the overall quality and attention to detail that went into those lists.

Local copy of Blacklist IPs in this List: 1,962 ip (20 April 2024 – 30 April 2024) on Tue, 30 Apr 2024 06:31:04 +0000 Last 10days Blacklist IPs (2024-04-30) (2024-04-30) (2024-04-30)

Web Bots – Web Spider List

Another notable point is a list of IP addresses associated with the user agent string of known bots. It’s not entirely clear if this data is vetted or if it also contains IP addresses that pretend to be a reputable bot.

Or a list of IP addresses that appear to be from normal users based on their user agent, but identified them as unknown bots.

Whois Database for sale

There are different tiers, but the one-time purchase with no updates will cost you around 2900 USD in May 2024. I do not have any experience with this dataset as I do not have a use case for this data at the present time.

World IP Whois Full Database (Downloadable MySql Version, ~500mb) (2024-05-01)

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