Using a YubiKey for enhanced security

I used to have a YubiKey, but it never fully caught on with me. Now, finally, I want to start using a YubiKey to reduce the risk of phishing attacks and strengthen my overall personal IT security.

A hardware security token never goes alone; always add two. One is for use, and the second is for backup.

✅ Success


Various Microsoft Accounts, worked flawless.


The Hardware Security Keys can be added seamlessly on Cloudflare.


It worked too, but they only let you add one key to the account rather than mutliple which is a downside for me. So you need to depend on other factors aswell.

🟥 Failure


Personal account.


Does not offer Security Key support.


WordPress as a software has no such feature to use 2FA. I like the work of Workfence. Wordfence does not support Hardware Security Keys for 2FA; only TOTP is natively supported.


You Can Now Use Hardware Security Keys on Binance 2019-06-28 (2024-01-11 checked)

Despite a blog post announcing support for hardware security tokens, my account does not have this option in January 2024. (2024-01-11)

It is always advisable not to store funds on a crypto exchange due to obvious risks. If the cryptocurrencies are not secured in your wallet, they are at risk.

Good old times – Legacy products

YubiKey Standard
Years in operation: 2014-2016
Primary Functions: Secure Static Passwords, Yubico OTP, OATH – HOTP (Event)