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Redis GUI Client for Debugging

Working on Azure, most application directly interact with Redis. However, for debugging or handling incidents, visibility into Redis and its storage can be beneficial. The Azure portal seems to be constantly adding more features in this area. If this is insufficient, a Redis Client can be beneficial. I personally like this client.

One limitation is that Redis needs to be exposed to the client that needs to inspect the Redis content.

Another Redis Desktop Manager, view redis info 2024-05-24

It allows for simple access to data stored in Redis. 

Another Redis Desktop Manager, view data 2024-05-24

If you plan to flush your cache, I still recommend using the Azure Portal to do it directly. If the system is not on Azure, you can use this client.

Another Redis Desktop Manager, flush cache 2024-05-24

On Azure, there is a dedicated button to flush the cache.*** flush redis on Azure Portal 2024-05-24

You also have easy and direct access to the Redis console.

I do not have a regular use case for this tool. But during a large-scale incident, this was one of the key applications for finding the root cause of a disruptive incident. Therefore, I think this is worth a post, even if I run into the same issue again. I did try like three different Redis clients, and this way, I might first try this one if there is ever a new case.