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Collection of free online tools I like and use.

IP Tools

Check IP Address

IP Range Checker

I have long blocklists in Azure due to DDoS attacks. Finding a specific IP Address in a long list of IPv4 and IPv6 ranges can be slow. This tool helps me check the list quickly and efficiently.*** (2024-04-04)

IP to ASN, private beta

Cryptographic-strength password strings

Hacker Target IP Tools API

The output from the API is in basic text format. There is a rate limit in place, allowing a maximum of 2 requests per second from a single IP address. If you exceed this rate limit, you will receive a HTTP 429 response code from the API server.

The x-api-quota header provides information on the current user’s API quota, while the x-api-count header shows the current API usage count for the day.

For more details, including the full list of features, rate limits, and information on quota monitoring, please visit

TLS Tools

Bot Detection

  • This is a test page to fingerprint and identify elements that could be indicative of a bot. For example, if you need to build a covert scraper, this can provide hints for improving stealth.